Rachel Kennedy

Rachel Kennedy is very at home in the hypnotherapy profession. Aside from a brief stint behind the counter of a bakery at 15, and a couple of seasons of performing onstage in theatre groups in her late teens, her entire working history has been in and around hypnosis practices.

Rachel is David Kennedy’s youngest daughter, and jokes that she was indoctrinated to hypnotherapy from an early age when David performed hypnosis tricks with her and her friends at birthday parties. She began working in David’s clinic in 1996, and completed her formal training in Clinical Hypnosis in Nambour in 2000. She has worked full-time as a hypnosis practice manager ever since – first in David’s clinic, and then taking over and expanding Brisbane Hypnosis Centre in 2004 with her husband, Glenn Chandler.

In 2001, she gained a Bachelor of Arts, with a useless-but-fun major in English Literature, and is currently completing a Bachelor of Complementary Medicine – a Health Science degree for people working in complementary health professions as support personnel.

It has never been Rachel’s intention to practise as a therapist herself, choosing instead to use her skills to work as liaison between clients and their therapists, and to mentor and teach hypnotherapists. By sharing the knowledge she has gained through working in the hypnosis profession she is in a unique position to assist clients and therapists alike.

Rachel gets excited about the business of running a hypnosis practice, and loves to share what she has learned about keeping a practice vibrant and prosperous. She is passionate about the hypnosis profession, and chooses to give her energy to growing a strong and supportive community among those who work within the field.

In 2019 Rachel completed the mammoth task of revising David’s Clinical Practice of Hypnosis Course, an exercise which involved months of study and research, and much reading and writing. Being David’s daughter and knowing him so well, she believes she achieved her goal of maintaining David’s “voice” in the material, despite the revision. It was her intention that the Course remains primarily David’s work, and hopes it continues to be a valuable teaching guide, and record of his professional experience and personal discoveries.