How are we different?

Like any helping profession, there are always new techniques, trademarked processes and impressive-sounding titles, and promised awards and certificates at completion of training.

Certainly, hypnotherapists should continue to learn and develop their skills, and take advantage of new research and knowledge – we feel this is very important. But we truly believe that if your foundational skills and understanding are not in place, then no matter how impressive your toolkit or how many certificates you have on the wall you may not be able to help your clients towards meaningful change.

Hypnotherapy is as much about the therapist as it is about the modality.

You want to be good at your work, so we’re primarily interested in helping you to be a good hypnotherapist – someone who knows how to develop and maintain trance in your clients, and how to use your own intelligence so that you know what to do once you get them there. This is the essence of hypnotherapy.

We are about healing, and helping, and honouring the individual – that means both you and your client. We aim to teach you how to get the best from yourself, and how to get the best from the people you are helping. Some of that is simple, some of it is a little more complex. All of it is challenging, and it requires you to examine yourself and understand who you are and what you’re bringing to the table.

What we offer isn’t right for everyone – we ask our students to take agency of their own educational development – we help you, but you have to forge your own path and find your own rhythm.

You want to find the right fit for you. We respect that you choose your teacher carefully. We choose our students carefully because we want to know who you are. We want our graduates to be great ambassadors for the hypnotherapy profession.

We are passionate about our work and our profession and we want you to be, too. Even if our training is suitable for you, or we are not where you choose to study, you’ll always be welcome to join our community and attend our workshops.

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