Experiential learning makes for the best study outcomes. We all have strengths to draw from, and any further education should enhance us and utilise any skills we already have. We actively encourage our students to use any learning they acquire for personal development. The more we work on ourselves, the better we can help others.

Your skills are only skills in as much as they reflect your personal philosophy.

Not everyone studies Clinical Hypnosis in order to become a hypnotherapist. We will encourage you to develop skills that are appropriate to your motivations and desired outcomes from studying with us.

Training Therapists

A one-size-fits-all approach to hypnosis therapy is neither sustainable nor realistic. We will encourage you to develop your ability to adapt your technique to the person you are working with.

It’s our hope that students of hypnosis develop an eclectic approach to their therapy, to draw from many sources, to seek and take advice from those with experience, and to learn from more than one teacher. This will help you serve your clients better.