Being a hypnotherapist

Can you make a living from hypnosis?

Many of our graduates are in private practice and support themselves doing this work. Most are self-employed. We ourselves have a busy hypnosis clinic in Brisbane, with one full-time and two part-time therapists. We average around 2000 sessions a year in our clinic. The therapists who work at Brisbane Hypnosis Centre gained their primary hypnotherapy qualification doing David’s course.

Does health insurance cover hypnotherapy?

Some health funds within Australia cover hypnotherapy. Generally speaking, Provider status for hypnotherapists is gained through having Clinical Membership with an Association. One of the main benefits for having membership with an association such as the AHA is that they have a mandate to further our profession, and that includes maintaining a dialogue with health insurers and regulatory government bodies.

Can you get professional indemnity and public liability insurance as a hypnotherapists?

Yes, if you are a member of an appropriate Association, or you have other qualifications that allow you to gain insurance.