Hypnosis Workshop 24 May, 2020: Hypnotic phenomena in therapy

We spoke at our February workshop about abreaction and its relationship to memory and regression, and the misconception that experiencing an abreaction (such as reliving or recovering a memory of trauma) is in and of itself a healing. Katina gave us some language from Michael Yapko for what to do when abreaction occurs with our clients, and some guidance about how we might proceed from there. We also talked briefly about circumstances where an abreaction of sorts is something that we might carefully encourage, such as when we are conducting a SWISH, or using an anchoring technique, or when facilitating regression using a technique like the Watkins Affect Bridge.

Age regression such as occurs during an abreaction is one of the ‘classic hypnotic phenomena’ – see the diagram below. These phenomena are things that manifest in some form when a person is in trance. 

At our next workshop in May we will be exploring in detail ‘Classical’ (and other) Hypnotic Phenomena, and how and why we might encourage different phenomena to manifest. We will also consider whether spontaneous occurrences are the better indicators of the presence of trance, and of change.

Being able to recognise and elicit hypnotic phenomena is fundamental to the practice of hypnotherapy. It is how we confirm and ratify the presence of trance, and how we enhance trance responsiveness in our clients. This workshop is for beginners and experienced hypnotists alike, and we hope to see you there. We will focus on the importance of hypnotic phenomena in therapeutic hypnosis, including strategies for the elicitation of specific responses. As usual, we will also give attention to the session as a whole. Teaching will be offered by Katina Gleeson, Richard Whitehurst and Rachel Kennedy.

WHERE: The Brisbane Healing & Training Centre, 4 Prince St, Virginia, QLD, 4014
WHEN: Sunday May 24rd, 9.30am – 4pm (We start on time!)
Current students of any  hypnosis course in Australia – $120
General attendees – $140
Past Graduates of David Kennedy School – $65
Includes morning & afternoon tea – some shops reasonably close but BYO lunch a great idea.