Old School Hypnosis?

In our hypnotherapy community we often discuss the concept of ‘agility’. The essence of the discussion is an acknowledgement that the hypnotherapist must be willing to be agile, able to adopt the necessary approach to help each client. The former is a choice, but the latter requires proper preparation and understanding. 

When you study hypnotherapy with us you learn from our knowledge and experience. The study structure arises from the work and wisdom of David Kennedy.

David’s approach to hypnotherapy training was often called “Old School”. This should not be interpreted as ‘authoritarian’ or ‘direct’ or ‘patriarchal’ – with David it was more akin to ‘thorough’, ‘comprehensive’, and ‘careful’. He believed we needed to know where we came from, and why we do what we do.

He was concerned by the propensity of some modern so-called hypnotherapists who trivialise the importance of trance. He sought always to promote the value of hypnotherapy as a stand-alone practice.

It is our pleasure to carry on David’s work, and to continue to offer an ‘Old School’ approach in keeping with his vision, informed by our own understandings and continued research and practice. 

Where do we come from?

Hypnotherapy has it’s roots in ancient healing traditions, and the modern hypnotherapist can trace their professional lineage, in one form or another, to the ‘trance-healer’ of ancient times. Hypnotherapy is a thoroughly human profession – the transference of care and attention from one person to another.  

The important thing you should know about us is that we start with the trance. It’s not just about having the right script, or knowing the steps to a particular protocol. Those things are definitely important, sure, but first you have to get the hypnosis part right.

We believe that if you don’t have the trance right, you won’t have a strong foundation to work from.

Our teaching is based on the premise that the therapeutic use of hypnotic trance is what sets the hypnotherapist apart from other talk-based therapists.

We love what we do.