Hypnotic Techniques for Professionals Refresher Course

This course is primarily aimed at practising hypnotherapists wishing to refresh their skills, or individuals already working in a helping or therapeutic profession (eg. counselling, social work, nursing or psychology) who want to learn some hypnosis techniques to use with their clients.

Enrolment in this course is by invitation only after discussion of your needs. Please speak directly with us if you feel this abbreviated course would be suitable for you.

Course Content

1: The Development and History of Hypnosis

History of Modern Hypnosis
Understanding Trance
2: Common Misconceptions & Trance Induction

Common Misconceptions
Trance Induction
Basic Elements of the Induction
Things to Avoid
Things to Observe
Testing and Trance Ratification
The Experience of Being Hypnotised
3: Simple Susceptibility Tests or Inductions

The Hypnotic Gaze
Leg Catalepsy
Fallback Technique
Fingers Together Technique
Weight Test For Group Work
Levels of Hypnosis
4: Practical Procedures

Tracking Trance Progress
Deepening Techniques
Rapid Inductions
Trance Terminations
A Model of a Hypnosis Session
5: Difficulties & Trance Resistance

Three Induction Proceedures
6: Principles of Suggestion

The Law of Reversed Mental Effort
Eye Catalapsy
Presenting Suggestions
Direct or Indirect Suggestion – Which shall it be?
7: Successful Hypnotising With Various ‘Convincers’

8: Age Regression

9: Ideodynamic Signals and Ideomotor Response

10: Milton Erickson – A short biography and His Utilisation Approach

The Utilisation Approach to Hypnotherapy
11: NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

12: Rapport

13: Reframing

Case History to Develop the Reframe and Theme for Postive Change
14: Analogue Marking

15: Anchoring

A simple Asssociation-Dissociation Exercise
16: The Swish

17: History taking

19: Therapies