Past Events & Workshops

August 2015

August’s workshop will be headlined by a presentation by Brett Cameron, who will be showing you how to promote your hypnotherapy practice, and how to present yourself well in the market place. Brett first gave this presentation at the NSW Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association workshop and received great feedback, and we are delighted that he will be sharing his expertise with us . Brett has a hypnotherapy practice in Newcastle, and through previous work experience as a Sales and Marketing Manager of a Swiss Kitchenware company, he can lay claim to being an authority on brand promotion. This presentation will be comprehensive and practical, and whether you are just getting started or have been in practice for a while you are sure to learn some very valuable skills.

The hypnosis subjects we are covering in August relate to Classic Hypnotic Phenomena, and should serve as a good reminder of the things we need to notice when working with our clients. Hypnotherapy is about more than just speaking and hoping our words hit the spot – we must always pay attention to what we are seeing and hearing.

Richard Whitehurst will be leading this workshop. If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing one of Richard’s presentations yet, you’re in for a treat. You can read more about him here.

Richard will be demonstrating and discussing:
Regression: What it’s for, when to do it, when not to do it. We’ll also discuss how to handle spontaneous regression.

A useful therapy integration strategy, with a remarkable case study to illustrate. (This was slated for the last workshop, but time constraints meant that we didn’t get to it)

David is back for this workshop, and he will be discussing: Hypnosis beyond suggestion: Somnambulistic trance and subconscious creative healing.

May 3, 2015

In this workshop, we are exploring the idea that each therapist will bring their own life experiences, professional skills and personality to the table when delivering therapy. As such, we will be hearing presentations from three hypnotherapists with diverse backgrounds, and who have all worked in helping or healing modalities separate to their involvement in the hypnotherapy profession.

Richard Whitehurst will be leading this workshop. He will be demonstrating and discussing:
General Accessing Formula – the Implied Directive
A useful therapy integration strategy, with a remarkable case study to illustrate.

Many of you will have met the delightful Susan Mundy in one of our classes – Susan will be offering us her perspectives of the pre-hypnosis interview: how to do it, what kind of information to gather, why it’s important. This will be demonstrated with a case study of a recent client she has worked with. With a background in psychology, Susan will also be giving us some insight as to how this aspect of the hypnotherapy session differs from the psychologists’ approach.

Paul Hoogendyk has an acupuncture and hypnotherapy practice in Northern NSW – Ancient Pathways. His work honours both modern and ancient healing traditions, and he has travelled the planet gathering knowledge and sharing his skill and wisdom. Paul will be discussing the power of symbols on the unconscious mind, and demonstrating the intriguingly-titled “Minnie-Mouse Metaphor”.

Katina Gleeson has a background in mental health social work, and has worked with people of all ages and from diverse walks of life. Her experience as a teacher of Counselling gives her a unique perspective on the manner in which the practitioner develops his or her personal therapeutic philosophy. Katina has her own hypnotherapy practice, and also works with us in Everton Park. She will be offering us a discussion and two separate case studies of children she has worked with recently – one who had a rapid and remarkable result, and another who is requiring ongoing nurture and who is experiencing change in a more subtle and gradual manner.

March 22, 2015

In the March workshop, David will be discussing:
5 Master Secrets for Faster Inductions;
Dealing with the 21st Century Disease: Obsessive Anxiety.

Richard Whitehurst will be speaking on:
Where Ideodynamic Signals started: Can you trust that their origin is subconscious?
Partial Age Regression: The quick way to the right answers.