DK School of Hypnosis

We teach clinical hypnosis and psychotherapy

With proper training and guidance, a hypnotherapist has the potential to lead people towards profound change using this modality. We want to show you how you can use your skills and strengths, and get the best from your clients.

We are about healing, and helping, and honouring the individual – that means both you and your client. We aim to teach you how to get the best from yourself, and how to get the best from the people you are helping.

Learn from experience

Our Clinical Hypnosis Course has been developed out of thousands of hours of real Clinical experience. Our teaching is based on the premise that the therapeutic use of hypnotic trance is what sets the hypnotherapist apart from other talk therapists.

Learn from extensive course notes collated and revised over time; watch recordings of live courses, view practical demonstrations with real people working on real issues, take part in group lessons, and access 1:1 coaching and mentoring.

Our training is personalised

You'll get to know us, we'll get to know you. The study of clinical hypnosis and psychotherapy is an exciting and rewarding field, whether you want to practice as an hypnotherapist or use the techniques you learn to enhance your current profession. DK School will teach hypnosis and NLP skills in a clear and precise way, without being too style-specific. Learn to develop your own technique, and to infuse your work with your own personality and philosophy.

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Our Upcoming Workshops

Workshops & live lessons have always been a part of our training. We host monthly live online lessons that any student or pracitioner can join. They provide:

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