Taking new students from April, 2024

David Kennedy School of Hypnosis hosts its Course material online, and supports self-study with monthly webinars, online live lessons and in-person practise sessions. 


We support and recommend the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists (GoAH) as a friendly, values-focused Clinical Hypnotherapy Association. 


We offer Clinical Hypnotherapy services in Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast. We can also help you with a referral to a suitable practitioner. 


We carefully nurture and train a maximum of 6 new hypnotherapy students each year. We take a thorough and considered approach to the teaching of hypnotherapists, and if you commit to us we commit to you. You get our personal attention. 

Our study is approved by and meets the educational requirements for the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia, and the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists, and completion involves 1000+ hours of study. We work full-time in the hypnotherapy profession, and are actively involved in the hypnotherapy community in Australia. Studying with us means you will be learning traditional hypnotherapy practices within a modern context. 

If this feels like something you're interested in in 2024 please send us an email info@hypnostudies.com.au or use the form below and we will send you some more information about being a hypnotherapist in Australia, and who our Course may be suitable for. 

Thank you! 

Rachel Kennedy & Katina Gleeson

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