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Richard Whitehurst
We have been fortunate to have Richard regularly join us in the presentation of our Clinical Hypnotherapy training. Practicing psychotherapist, clinical hypnotist, poet, published author and public speaker, Richard has been involved in meditation and personal growth since 1970.

Richard is the former president of the Ericksonian Hypnotherapist Association of Australia, and former vice-president of the Queensland Professional Hypnotherapists Association. He is a clinical hypnotherapist with some 25 years experience in utilizing therapeutic trance states to effect positive changes in his many clients.

Beginning in the late 1960’s he has spent over 40 years in research and practice involving a variety of meditative and contemplative modalities. He studied South Asian psychology and philosophy for over 5 years in India. Drawing from many traditions and significant professional and personal development, his therapeutic approach honours the individual and their current experience, and he places emphasis on the context within which that experience is being played out.

Having further trained in Australia in 1990 with David Kennedy in Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis, Richard has been heavily influenced by Dr Milton H Erickson’s ground-breaking work in indirect suggestion, therapy and trance induction. He is further inspired by the work of Drs Ernest Rossi, David Cheek, Stephen Wolinsky, Douglas Flemons and Stephen Gilligan, particularly in their utilisation of idio-dynamic approaches to psychotherapy, meditation, and change – approaches that recognise presenting symptoms as signals for much needed non-judgemental attentiveness, as well as being expressions of dissociated trance states.

He sees that in many instances the real job of the therapist is to help free up and ‘de-hypnotise’ the client from his or her limiting frames of reference and thus break through the self-imposed limitations of state-dependent memories, learnings and behaviours. Skilled in powerful releasing protocols and a variety of transformational processes Richard works from a position where safety and rapport are primary considerations.

A gifted speaker, Richard’s lectures draw from his personal experience as a practitioner. He speaks with warmth, humour and above all, genuineness.

Steve Dodson

“Hypnosis opened a doorway in my mind that cannot be closed. Our potential and that of our clients is only a thought away. The state of hypnosis provides the opportunity for clarity and the chance to reset limiting belief patterns and behaviours.” – Steve Dodson

Steve Dodson is that rare talent – an experienced teacher and multi-disciplined therapy practitioner who maintains the wisdom of a “beginner’s mind”. This means that he brings a practical, grounded approach to the teaching of hypnosis, based on the principle that sound practical knowledge will underpin good therapeutic work.

“Understanding and practising the fundamental elements of hypnosis is what builds skill and confidence in the practitioner.”

Steve began his journey into hypnosis via the martial arts. Obtaining his black belt in karate (1985), it was a natural progression to begin studying the way of the mind. He was given the challenge of fighting thirty rounds in succession in order to achieve his 2nd degree. During his preparation he was given a book on self-hypnosis that was instrumental to his success, opening up a new path of possibilities.

Today he holds a 5th degree black belt in karate and a 3rd degree in Iaido (Japanese swordsmanship) and currently teaches Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido at his school in Noosa Heads Queensland. His experience in the practise and study of martial arts has taught him the importance of learning the basics and learning them well.

1991 saw Steve return to finish his HSC at age 27 and in 1992 he not only graduated from high school, but also achieved his Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma from the David Kennedy School of Hypnosis. The following year he entered university, and 5 years later earned a Bachelor of Clinical Science and a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science. Practicing chiropractic and hypnotherapy together for many years, he has now retired from chiropractic, and focuses fully on his hypnosis practice in Noosaville Queensland, and the support and development of other hypnotherapists.

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