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Milton Erickson MD is considered the father of modern hypnotherapy. His definition of hypnotherapy is:

After many years of clinical work, thousands of clients, and hours of teaching in this field, David Kennedy developed this comprehensive and practical course in Hypnosis and Hypnotic techniques, and Neuro-linguistic Programming.

Over the years, this has been added to and refined. We teach an eclectic model of hypnosis which is not limited by focusing on a particular school of thought. While the standard (and universal) techniques and processes of hypnosis are taught, we are influenced by and teach in the spirit of Milton Erickson. Ericksonian psychotherapy is client-centred. What this means in practical terms is that we aim to teach therapists to meet each client as an individual, and to adapt their therapeutic technique as appropriate for that person. Ultimately, good hypnotherapy is about good communication.

The Clinical Practice of Hypnosis Course incorporates a theoretical and practical base for the practice of hypnosis as a modality on its own, or as an adjunct to other professions.

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The Clinical Practice of Hypnosis Course incorporates a theoretical and practical base for the practice of hypnosis as a modality on its own, or as an adjunct to other professions. Many past students of this course are now successfully operating as Clinical Hypnotherapists. Others have incorporated their expertise in hypnosis into other therapeutic modalities, such as nursing, counselling, psychology, and medicine.

Aiming to be a practitioner? Successful graduates of this course of study have met the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapistss, the Australian Hypnotherapists Association and the Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists’ Association competency levels and industry standards for hypnotherapy education. This may lead to practitioner-level membership - to gain practitioner-level membership there are other criteria that need to be met, and this usually includes clinical experience, personal and professional references, and Supervision. As practitioners ourselves we can help you understand what it is you need. Contact us directly to find out more details about your progression to becoming a practitioner.


This Course is made up of 5 progressive Modules, and along with the assignments, required practical work and self-directed study represents around 800 hours of study. Assessment is by successful completion of written assignments, and audio and practical presentations. Students are provided with online access to each Module, which comprises of comprehensive written course notes, audio recordings, video lessons, and other materials. There are also opportunities to join live monthly lessons, and take part in 1:1 coaching and teaching.


On average, most of our students in full-time employment find that 12 months is an adequate period of time to commit to completing this course of study, but we have a fast-track 6 month Practitioner Package available if you are focused and ready to go. We have a range of options to suit most needs.

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