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1. How long does the DKSH hypnosis study course take?
Most people in full-time employment, or with families and other commitments will take about a year to complete the five Modules of the course. This represents approximately 400 hours of study and practise.

2. When can I start?
You can start your study at any time during the year.

3. How am I assessed?
Each Module has assessment items that you are required to complete. These involve written assignments, as well as audio and video recordings so that we can see and hear you work with clients. We monitor your progress via these assessments, and they are designed to be part of the learning process. You will always be given the opportunity to provide further work or re-submit assignments if required.

4. On successful completion of all Modules and assignments, what do I get from David Kennedy School?
We issue you with a printed Award in Advanced Studies of Clinical Hypnotherapy from our organisation, along with a transcript of the subjects studied. In the past, we offered this as a Diploma, however government regulations require that we do not call the award a Diploma. The standard of training we offer is the same. Successful completion of our Course and assessment meets the education requirements for you to gain Clinical Membership with professional associations, such as The Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association (AHA), and the Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists’ Association (PCHA). (Please note, there are other requirements aside from education that you must meet to gain Membership, including references, First Aid certification, police check, etc. Membership is granted at the Associations’ discretion.)

On completion of your studies, and prior to receiving your completion Award, we ask that you sign a Statement of Ethics. This may also be displayed for your clients.

5. Are there any deadlines for studying, or cutoff dates for completing all assessments?
No, although if you are taking more than 12 months to complete all Modules we ask that you keep in touch with us and let us know where you are at.

6. Can I get recognition of prior study in hypnosis to reduce the Modules I need to complete with David Kennedy School?
That depends, and we assess this on a case-by-case basis. Many of our students complete our course after having done some prior basic study in hypnosis or NLP. Many of our students find that there isn’t much duplication of previous study.

If you are already trained or practising as a hypnotherapist and are looking to refresh your qualifications and knowledge, we have a specially tailored course for Professionals. The appropriateness of this abbreviated course is assessed in interview and application with us. Please contact us to find out more.

7. How much should it cost to study hypnosis?
Different organisations have different fee structures – studying hypnosis can be as little as the cost of a book on “how to hypnotise”, all the way up to tens of thousands of dollars. We encourage you to find the right teacher, the right teaching format, and an organisation that is a philosophical match for you. Some of the content will be the same wherever you go – learning how to hypnotise isn’t particularly difficult and the basic theory, along with more specific technique instruction, is widely available for free. It is the guide or the teacher that will ultimately be of greatest importance in your learning experience.

8. Is Government-Accredited training necessary for being a hypnotherapist?
Within Australia there is no requirement for Government-Accredited training to practice as an hypnotherapist. We are a self-regulated profession, and most practitioners align themselves with professional associations, such as the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association. De-regulation of hypnosis occurred in the 1990s and has been important for the development of our profession. Prior to this, only Board-Registered Psychologists could practise hypnosis. This was problematic, as hypnotherapy is a distinct and separate practise to psychology, with a long history that pre-dates psychology as a profession. Training in hypnotherapy is not usually part of the study of psychology.

We are hopeful that the profession of hypnotherapy will always remain independent in Australia.

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